• Well-structured device protection service + Exceptional technology = Increased Customer Retention.
  • Guaranteed increase in Revenue.
  • Customized customer management Portal integrated into retailers POS system.
  • Reap incremental benefits from the customer long after the sale. Maintain a relationship with the customer throughout device lifespan.
  • Free resource materials for marketing (based on geographical location). 

Use Case

Sentinel for Android & IOS
Sentinsure provides screen damage cover, liquid damage cover and Anti-theft cover for 12 months. This is delivered through the Sentinel Mobile Application.

With over 12,000 Devices currently covered, Sentinel is poised to be deliver premium services to End Users through Retail Partner Outlets across the Country.

Sentinel Trade in and Upgrade

Sentinel comes embedded with device diagnostic capabilities which is designed to run an automated software diagnostics on Mobile Devices and give an immediate value for the phone in local currency. This would significantly expand the trade in market as Users can pre-value device, trade in and upgrade device completely hassle free and without having to enter into a store.


  • Exponential Market Share growth with a wider range of service offering beyond data and airtime. 
  • Be Empowered: Guaranteed Increase in revenue at minimal cost with Sentinel Mobile Device Protection Service and Insurance.
  • Customised customer management Portal integrated into Operator’s POS and Billing Systems.
  • Highly dedicated team of professionals to provide technical support. 
  • Secured Revenue for operators from customers offered premium services. 

Use Case


MTN conducted a pilot scheme to provide device financing for customers. This project was was a tripartite agreement between MTN, Technology Distributions Africa and Sentinel service providers. Sentinel in partnership with a third party provided the technical expertise and Integration of a locking solution to the banking application for this project. Pilot was successful with a 1% default rate because of the locking solution.


  • Sentinel Device locking and Tracking are strong disincentives against defaults.
  • Device Financing + Secured Asset= Guaranteed Loan Repayment.
  • REDUCED collections costs.
  • Stop late or non payments of loans.

Use Case


This is a business lending solution that covers the entire value chain of both cash loan and asset financing. Sentiflex is a technology driven service that is offered through a mobile app and web portal designed for Lenders and Retailers. Our unique value proposition includes:


 Sentiflex is Bilingual (English and French), multi currency platform and currently offered in Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia.


The mobile device market is one of the most competitive and innovative markets in the technology space today, with new devices being unleashed into the market on a consistent basis, time to market has become very critical. Sentinel compatible devices position OEMs to significantly increase their market share and give them an edge over competitors.

Use Case


Samsung has an existing partnership with Sentinel where it’s devices are being bundled with Sentinel value added services with the objective of increase in customer acquisition and retention. This project has been so successful that a wide variety of Sentinel services have been introduced within 6 months. These include Screen Damage insurance, liquid damage insurance, upgrade, special trade in offers and Sentinel Titanium for their premium customers


Apple partnered with Sentinel to bundle every legitimate Apple device sold with Sentinel value added services at zero cost to customer. The great success of this 12 months campaign recorded over 8,000 subscribers which was a growth the company had never experienced in that country since inception.